Pond Maintenance Surrey

Pond Maintenance

Offish Supplies Pond Maintenance Surrey

Pond Maintenance Surrey

As with aquariums ponds must be maintained regularly to ensure they remain in the desired condition.

This could be a very simply process for a small garden pond or a fairly complex one for large koi ponds with multiple bay filters and UV clarifiers.


Whether we’ve built your pond or you simply need help maintaining it we can help out.


A typical pond will need the filter cleaned regularly and pumps cleaning and de-sludging periodically. UV lamps generally require replacement annually. Plus you have the perennial problem of blanket weed and green water, along with the notorious duck weed.


We can provide regular maintenance visits through to annual services to help with you pond.

Our Service

Pond Maintenance Area Coverage and Pricing

Offish Pond Maintenance Service is available for customers who have purchased their Ponds from us, or even from third parties and reside within the following locations:








If you have any questions about pond maintenance please do not hesitate to get in touch:
Call: 01483 474235, Email: info@offish.com or get in touch with the form below.





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