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Ponds come is all shapes and sizes. From small water features and wild life ponds through to large formal koi ponds, they all have a place in homes and businesses.


Whatever your choice of pond we can help take you from initial concept through to finished article, starting with the design, including shape, size and depth. Should it be sunken or raised above ground? Help with these decisions ensure your vision becomes reality.


We’ll also help choose the right equipment to ensure that you have the perfect water conditions for the environment you are aiming to achieve.

The Process

The Design, Manufacture and Installation Process

Everyone who wants a pond already has a picture of it in their mind, at least the beginnings of it. We’ll take these formative idea’s and develop them with you to create that vision.


Initially we need to look at location, what other factors might affect the pond. We consider the animals you intend to house. Dragon flies and frogs do not require 2 metres of depth but a koi, 70 cm in length would benefit hugely from that extra swimming space.


Once we know what is to be kept we can consider equipment, or not as is sometimes the case.
Pre-formed fibreglass or rubberised liner? Access and ease of maintenance should always be kept in mind, but so often aren’t. These are just some of the considerations vital to a successful pond that we’ll help with.


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