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We have been designing and installing aquariums for our customers for well over 10 years. That aquarium might be a bespoke solution, where we will take you from initial consultation and design, through installation and introduction of livestock, to the ongoing maintenance of your Aquarium.


For those wanting a less complex alternative we can help choose the right ‘off the shelf’ aquarium and ensure that it’s set up and cared for correctly to ensure it remains in peak condition at all times.

The Process

The Design, Manufacture and Installation Process

The process always begins with a conversation. We can discuss your requirements over the phone or, ideally visit your home or place of work. Being able to visit allows us to gain a better understanding of what you aim to achieve while also being able to offer guidance and advice as to such things as positioning, size and shape of aquarium.


Once your requirements have been established we can provide a quote for the required work. Depending on the complexity of the design we then require a time to prepare for installation. This could be just a week for a ‘plug and play’ type aquarium or up to 8 weeks for a large bespoke system that needs to be built of site (most aquariums and build and then installed, some larger ones have to be put together pane by pane on site).


At this point the fun begins as we can begin to add the livestock that you or we have chosen for the aquarium.


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